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Freeze dried food is an critical commodity for campers because it’s far preserved through a special system that retains the food’s nutrients, taste, texture, form and aroma. The meals is likewise clean to put together and packaged in portable applications. Also, meals dealt with thru this system can live true for up to 25 years while now not opened. However, even if it’s far opened, campers can still use the food for up to one year while it’s far in desirable circumstance the use of right storage technics. Additionally, the food is available in distinctive packages that are ideal for exclusive range of campers. Wise Foods are amongst the best known brands and can be acquired at discounted charges from online shops.

How Freeze Dried Meals are processed:

Both sparkling and cooked food can be freeze dried. The food is first off flash frozen in a special vacuum chamber that reaches as much as -50F temperatures. Secondly, it’s far then subjected to a low-stage warmness that lets in the ice crystals to evaporate without going returned to their liquid country. This method is referred to as sublimation and it gets rid of about ninety eight% of the meals moisture, a situation that allows the meals to be stored for long time. Additionally, the method does not alternate the cells structure of the products. This permits the meals to keep their freshness, nutrients, vitamins, colour and aroma.

Benefits of Using Freeze Dried Food while tenting:

Special processing of those foods makes Paket Camping Mandalawangi Cibodas them best for campers for numerous motives. Some of the blessings that come along side these meals encompass:


Freeze dried ingredients are easily packaged in smaller applications for clean garage. This simply manner that extra meals is saved in plausible applications that are portable. Their portability makes them best for camping expeditions.

High Nutrition:

Compared to canned and dehydrated foods, those meals are extraordinarily nutritious because their preservation method does not change the cell shape of the ingredients. This guarantees that their dietary fee is maintained. Since camping expeditions usually distance campers from nutritious meals and force a few to apply supplements, with those meals they stand a danger of having all of the a whole lot wished vitamins. Additionally, the ingredients taste herbal when organized.

Easy Preparation:

These meals are easy to prepare. You are handiest required to feature a given degree of hot or warm water and watch for about 12 minutes or so, for them to be ready. This makes them best for tenting expeditions due to the fact the convenience of preparing foods when camping is probably a nightmare at instances.


These ingredients are less expensive and come in one-of-a-kind packages which are perfect for one of a kind range of people. For instance, Wise meals come in exclusive programs which might be fairly discounted. Also, Wise ingredients are packaged in affordable kits that are calculated to ultimate for a given period of time. In addition, the fee of those foods is likewise slashed further whilst you get them organized in bulk.


A wide sort of foods are preserved through this technique and you could certainly choose from any combination in your camping expeditions. Although a few food and drinks aren’t preserved thru freeze drying, you can alternative them with different foods. You can also get freeze dried food in a special kit that mixes a properly balanced food plan in a single package.

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